Phoenix Art Museum Internship Application | Summer Session 2018
June 4 to August 3, 2018
Applications are due by March 16, 2018
Before you begin:
Apply to only one internship.
If your DAMLI Internship application is not accepted you will be considered for a regular internship.
Incomplete or late applications are not considered.
Internship selection is competitive and is based on academic achievement, letters of recommendation, personal statement, and required interview.
All applicants are notified of the Museum's decision to offer or decline an internship within three weeks of the respective application deadline.
Participation in the internship program is limited to one session.
You will need the following items as PDFs:
Updated résumé
Two (2) signed and scanned letters of recommendation
Personal statement
Unofficial academic transcript

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General Information

Let's start with the basics. Tell us a little bit about you.
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Great! Now let's get into your educational background, {{answer_BoDiBzJgciAL}}.

Current undergraduate and graduate students: List the institution at which you are currently enrolled. Recent graduates: Provide information for the institution from which you graduated.
Name of University *

Major area(s) of study *

What are you working on?
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Degree sought *

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Upload your résumé. *

Now it's time for your letters of recommendation.

Letters of recommendation should be on personal or company letterhead; must include an original signature. One letter should be from a professor; one may be a character reference from a non-academic source.

Your letters of recommendation should be scanned PDFs.
1. Upload your first letter of recommendation. *

2. Upload your second letter of recommendation. *

Personal Statement *

Tell us about yourself! In a statement of 500 words, explain why you are interested in an internship at Phoenix Art Museum. Be sure to address:
+ the reason(s) you are applying for a specific internship
+ what you can contribute
+ what you hope to achieve from the experience
Upload your unofficial academic transcript here.

How did you learn about Phoenix Art Museum’s internship program? *

{{answer_BoDiBzJgciAL}}, would you like to be considered for a Phoenix Art Museum Diversifying Art Museum Leadership (DAMLI) Internship?

Phoenix Art Museum Diversifying Art Museum Leadership (DAMLI) Internships

These internship opportunities are made possible, in part, through the Diversifying Art Museum Leadership Initiative (DAMLI), funded by the Walton Family Foundation and the Ford Foundation. We seek applications from members of historically underrepresented groups in museum professions.

Please respond to the questions below to determine your eligibility and to complete the DAMLI application.
Are you a resident of Arizona attending college/university either in-state or out-of state?

Are you a member of a racial and/or ethnic minority group underrepresented in careers related to museums and visual arts organizations?

Are you from a disadvantaged socioeconomic background?

Which gender do you most identify with?

Phoenix Art Museum celebrates and values diversity. Please describe how you define diversity and address your commitment to representing diversity in museums and the visual arts (500 words). 

Thanks for your application, {{answer_BoDiBzJgciAL}}!_

_Late or incomplete applications are not considered. Application materials are not returned. This submission certifies that, to the best of your knowledge, all information contained in this internship application is true and correct.

All qualified applicants will be notified within three weeks of the application deadline.
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