Outside the Box, Inside the Screen
What does it mean to be young?

As the portraits and video of 250 13-year-olds who participated in To Be Thirteen: Photographs and Videos by Betsy Schneider demonstrate, there is a vast range of experiences that make up what it means to be 13 (or any age).

What comes to your mind when you think about being thirteen? Time? Memory? Transition? Nostalgia?
This opportunity is open to Phoenix metro area-based filmmakers aged 15-19.

All genres welcome—narrative, documentary, music, animated, etc.

Short films in the 5-6 minute range are encouraged, and films longer than 10 minutes will not be considered. We will do our best to show as many of the films submitted as we can.

All content must be original.

Technical requirements (for best results):
1. Use safe margins
2. Submit your film as a .mp4 file
3. Suggested resolution: 1280x720
4. Audio meter: 12

Important dates:
Deadline for submitting films: May 20
Run-through: May 24
Public screening: June 1 (First Friday)

(If you have any questions about what any of this means, please contact linda.alvarez@phxart.org)




Brief summary of project idea:

Please choose one of the following options to send your film:

1. Use a file-sharing service such as WeTransfer (https://wetransfer.com/), Dropbox(https://www.dropbox.com), Google Drive or iCloud Drive. Upload your file and share the link with linda.alvarez@phxart.org

2. You can also save your film to a USB and drop deliver it in person if you'd prefer. Please email ahead of time to make arrangements.

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing your film!